The 6 major axes of the evolution of PeopleSoft

May 14 BSSI

At the start of 2020, it seems worth remembering that PeopleSoft solutions continue to evolve and integrate new technologies, proving once again that the path of perpetuating, maintaining and enriching the investment made in the PeopleSoft base remains a good strategy.

As such, in the wake of the last Oracle Open World, I would like to relay the recent speech by Paco AUBREJUAN, Oracle Senior Vice President, Applications Development, which exposes 6 major axes of PeopleSoft evolution, without counting the effort to modernize the ergonomics that has already been achieved with the development and deployment of the Fluid UI.

a) Chatbots

A first example of a Chatbot solution has already been developed by Oracle in the HCM suite (image 31) on the scope of absence management. Others will come regarding HCM but also various FSCM functionalities.

To do this, Oracle relies on its investment in chabots and machine learning which is materialized by the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) solution and on interfacing with PeopleSoft through the Chatbot Integration Framework.

b) Standardization

A major effort to standardize PeopleSoft applications has already been made and is continuing through the development of transverse Frameworks that replace solutions specific to each module: management of the approval workflow, management of delegations, management of notifications.

In addition to the range of features and options offered by these frameworks, there is a real source of simplification for the implementation and maintenance of PeopleSoft solutions.

c) Data analysis

Facilitating the analysis of data managed by PeopleSoft applications is one of the priorities of the Oracle Development team. Previously, there has already been the provision of Pivots Grids which allow the selection and formatting of data from queries and which are reusable within Dashboards and Workcenters. There is now the opening towards the Kabana visualization tool through the implementation of the Elasticsearch search engine.

d) Mastery of the specifics

Aware of the drifts caused by the possibilities of customization of the standard application via the provision of PeopleTools, Oracle strives to provide its customers with means to master specific developments while continuing to meet user expectations. These include the “Page & Field” options which will allow the screens to be configured as standard and the “Event Mapping” functionality which will make it possible to isolate specific developments upstream or downstream of a standard component.

e) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - OCI

How to take advantage of the benefits of hosting in the Cloud while fully retaining its PeopleSoft functional solution? Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the hosting solution offered by Oracle and PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is the tool that will allow you to manage this hosting in PeopleSoft environments.

In addition to the gains brought by an outsourcing of the hosting of all or part of the environments, this can be a first step and a first experience towards the "clouding" of existing application solutions.

f) Openness to emerging technologies

How can my PeopleSoft solutions take advantage of the contributions of Oracle Research and Development around emerging technologies? The new solutions being systematically developed and offered in Cloud mode, access via PeopleSoft will be done simply via the subscription of Cloud Services, Oracle developing the integration tool with PeopleSoft as new offers are released (principle identical to that already applied for the Chatbot solution).

Eric, PeopleSoft Expert


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